Incorporated in Surinam in 2015, SunStone Equity Nv provides international financial consulting services to private and sovereign clients from around the world. SunStone operates and manages its own assets as well as private clients through a range of daughter companies managed through specific funds under our umbrella. SunStone also provides Investment platforms for other funds, wealthy individuals or corporations for establishing their own investment fund under the SunStone umbrella.
The group’s primary goal is maximization of return on investment for our clients and our fund(s). We focus on industrial minerals, transportation, public sector projects,  financial services, real estate, hospitality, renewable energy, manufacturing, gold bullion and consulting services. SunStone has adopted a strategy of diversification and growth in the Caribbean, Central and South American region. With close ties to Canada, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, China and the rest of Asia we have been able to establish an economic and investment bridge to help facilitate trade.
SunStone maintains the strictest standards of investment privacy in business and financial transactions. Until recently the only barrier to internationalizing investment banking was the remoteness of the fund from its international clients. Modern technological advances in internet banking and world telecommunication improvements have removed those barriers. Now clients of SunStone can communicate with their fund at anytime and from anywhere in the world via the Internet and their smart phones.
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SunStone Acquires 100% of Coral Mining Nv of Suriname. Coral owns the mineral rights to 20,000,000 tons of Silica sands.

October 2017

 SunStone brokers a deal between Coastal Aggregate Distributors Ltd  a Suriname Investment Group for the acquisition of a major Suriname asset.


July 20, 2016

SunStone endorses Global Casino, our founders latest book on Global Investment Banking. Now available through