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Short & Long Term Fund Deposits

( Minimum USD 100,000.00 or equivalent)

Investment Account holders may open Short- or Long-term  deposits in CAD, RMB, USD or Euro's

Deposit orders can be accepted Online and are credited to the account on the next business day. Interest accrues from the day of the credit entry. Annually, interest earned will be credited to the Client's Investment  Account or to any other account  as instructed.

On the day following maturity and in the absence of client's instructions to terminate the deposit, SunStone will automatically renew the deposit for the same maturity as in the original deposit agreement.

Custodian Services


Safe Keeping Receipts (SKR's)

SKR’s are generally documents  relating to  property, valuables, Gold or other precious commodities and are “Asset Futures” , which SunStone holds in trust for it’s clients. These SKR's can be posted on Swift or Euro Clear for various purposes, but mostly related to credit  or collateral requests.


Domestic Trusts often serve privacy, distribution or tax purposes— that is, the assets in the trust grow and a low-income beneficiary pays taxes on the proceeds.

For businesses, professionals and high net worth individuals, offshore trusts provide protection from future creditors. This has been challenged in the courts and remains a complex creditor protection strategy.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds come in all sizes and industry types. They can be Balanced Funds, Fixed-Income funds, Bond Funds, Equity funds, Global or Country funds or be in emerging markets, like the Caribbean Economic Green Fund…..etc. Which ever fund you choose, your adviser and you alone will pick which services your investment strategy fits best.

Other Services….. Safe Keeping of Securities, Factoring  Facilities, Incorporation Services and Mortgage Banking are just some of the other services SunStone  offers its clients.

Investment Management Services


At first Glance, Investing can appear to be a complicated process. But it doesn’t have to be. All you need is advise from experts, easy access to the resources you need to build a sound investment portfolio and timely information to assist you to make your decisions. Investing starts with a strategy. You will also need to understand how much investment risk you are comfortable with.

Our Investment Services Managers will help you develop a clear picture of the kind of investor you are. They are trained to provide the advise you need to choose the investments that are best suited to you to achieve your financial goals.

Based on this, the team will then be able to recommend the asset allocation or a mix of investments to help you build an investment portfolio tailored to your needs.

Consulting Services

SunStone will assist in helping you to establish your personal investor profile and help you:

1. Prioritize your goals

2. Map out your time horizon

3. Identify your tolerance for risk

4. Establish your investor profile.

Your portfolio should include an appropriate mix of investments. This practice is known as diversification and works on the principle that during various economic cycles, some investments experience a downturn, while others rise.

When you have a properly diversified portfolio, you can participate in the upswings while mitigating the downside and in some cases even take advantage of them.

Investing around the world from a tax sheltered environment enables you to take advantage of opportunities that may not be available were you reside, resulting in increased potential returns while also reducing the overall volatility of your portfolio. In addition the relative low tax collected, the Caribbean is also a major asset for building good returns in comparison to onshore tax rates that exceed 50% in most countries.

Broker Advisory


SunStone broker relationship with various international securities firms, located in various countries, allows customers full access to all securities and options products on all international stock exchanges.

These firms also act as a clearing broker for SunStones' Investment Funds. These firms maintain an established  respected brokerage infrastructure enabling SunStone to offer clients a wide range of securities related services. Since it combines this depth of infrastructure with our reputation as a service-oriented firm, SunStone believes this relationship is of great advantage to our local and international clients.

The historic strength of equities has made them an integral part of many investment strategies, especially for those looking at long-term growth. SunStone relationship with these firms provides superior access to all securities and options products on Canadian, U.S. and all other major international exchanges.

The equity research team covers over 400 (320 Canadian plus 100 key U.S. or international companies) stocks across diverse industry sectors. They provide research reports, alerts and assessments every day and have an excellent long-term track record. We round out our offering with access to U.S. research through third-party providers such as Credit Suisse and PI Finacial.


Investment research at SunStone is conducted with one goal in mind: to help you achieve superior returns while managing risk. Accordingly, Investment Advisors are able to draw upon some of the world’s best investment knowledge and market expertise to share with our clients.


SunStone Investment Advisers, with the help of our outstanding equity research, will work with you to select quality stocks that will position you to reach your financial goals.

Debit & Credit Cards


SunStone also offers a choice of Credit and Debit card products depending on the clients needs. VISA, MasterCard and Union Pay are international products that are accepted around the world.

In addition, we offer offshore Credit and Debit card processing for merchants around the world.

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