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Tibiti Minerals Inc

Nov/Dec 2018

​SunStone Equities NV announces the sales of Coral Mining NV and all of its shares in Coastal Aggregate Distributors Ltd. The purchase will done by the issuance of shares of Tibiti, whom is a Canadian Public company. 

Suriname Mine Acquisition

June 2018

​SunStone Equities NV announces the acquisition of 100% equity in Coral Mining Ltd, a 20,000,000 ton Silica Sand  deposit on the Tibiti River, a tributary of the Coppename River in central Suriname. SunStone intents to build a Silica Mine on this property together with publicly traded company on the Canadian Stock Exchange in mid to late 2018. This silica will supply the US Fracking market in the Oil sector.

Suriname Harbor Property Acquisition

July 2017

​SunStone Equities NV announces the acquisition of Agrisur Operations NV. and 35% of Royal Crown NV. in Suriname South America. Both companies own combined 168 ha at the mouth of the Coppename river. SunStone intends with third parties to build a world class Transshipment hub. Allowing shipping from the Eastern Caribbean and the North East coast of South America and West Africa to ship and receive goods from Asia more economical and efficient.

Trinidad Acquisition


​SunStone Equities NV announces the acquisition of 35%equity in Zircon Minerals Ltd, a sales and Marketing company specializing in silica & Aggregate distribution in Trinidad & Tobago. It is guesstimated that CAD will sell over 1.2 million tons of Silica and 500,000 tons of aggregate by the end of 2018-19.

Skypower Global

​Caribbean News, 01.05.2015

We are happy to announce our association and strategic partnership with Skypower Global, the leader in renewable Solar energy in the world. SunStone will actively assist is establishing long term contracts with Caricom governments and energy companies to bring this technology to the region that is blessed with an abundant of sunshine throughout the year.

Participation in Unison LTD

Guardian TT, 01.07.2016

SunStone is happy to report that its CEO, John E. van Dyke has joined the Unison group of Trinidad & Tobago. Unison is a consulting firm whom through strategic relationships helps guide large scale infrastructure  and social housing projects to success in the region. It acts as a liaison group between government, private enterprise and two of China's largest companies, China Railroad and China Harbor. At present projects in Grenada, Tobago, Trinidad and Suriname are being evaluated.

Agency Skypower Home

Willemstad, Curacao, 01.07.2016

SunStone is excited to team up with Skypower Home, an affiliate company of Skypower Global. SunStone will market and sell Skypower Home's Solar emergency Kits in the Caricom region. The region is annually plagued with hurricanes and other social issues that disrupt energy supplies, sometimes for weeks. this product will also also bring an affordable solution to many  people that do not at present have access to electricity due to economic restrictions, costs or remoteness. The kit sells for less then US125.00 and provides light, cell phone charging and an emergency radio to its owners. Sales are anticipated for 2017 at over 1 million units.

UMS Ltd is born

Caribbean News, 01.10.2016

SunStone today announced the formation of a daughter concern, United Merchant Services Ltd, a Trinidad & Tobago company, that will provide affordable merchant processing services for merchants both in the Caribbean and beyond Annual sales are anticipated above 600 million annually, which will give UMS a volume price advantage in needs to extend savings  to its clients and enhance the performance of the fund.​

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